Saturday, October 11, 2008


My friend and I saw Body of Lies last night, a political drama nothing like the trailer. You think it's going to be about an agent who wants out of the CIA, but it's not that story, and not that dramatic.

The trailer for Beverly Hills Dog (easier to spell) was equally deceptive. You think it's going to be about the dogs fighting back against being treated like toys and dolls. No, it's about a BH dog who gets lost and has to find her way home. I felt Especially cheated by this Disney film, as I couldn't get into it because I was watching the wrong movie.

Well, now I'll be as wary of trailers as I am critic reviews!


Tim Dunleavy said...

Ben, I've been doing some Google searches today on "The Bickersons," and it looks like you'd be the person to ask!

Last night, at a friend's house, I saw a 16mm copy of the Halloween episode of "The Bickersons" - the 1972 animated version. I can't find much about it, but from the blurbs I've seen for your books it looks like a full series was never made. What can you tell me about this film?


Ben Ohmart said...

Wow, first I've heard of Anyone having this. How long did it last? I talk about this in my book on the Bickersons. The series didn't get made. As far as I know, only a short bit was produced by the animation company.

Tim Dunleavy said...

It was a half hour episode, so it ran about 20 or 25 minutes with room for commercials. My friend (also named Tim, by the way) picked up his copy at a film show years ago.

It was produced by Shamus Culhane, and in the end credits it mentioned a syndication company. I didn't take time to write down any names, although it did mention Philip Rapp in the opening credits. The actor playing John sounded a lot like George O'Hanlon of "The Jetsons," although it turned out to be someone else.

It is definitely NOT the animated clip that appears on YouTube - the animation design is completely different. Interestingly, the gag about John putting the cat in the freezer was used in both of these animated versions. Also, the animation wasn't great; Blanche's appearance seemed to change from scene to scene.

I've heard a lot about The Bickersons over the years, but this was actually my first exposure to them. It was very funny. The episode had no laugh track, but it got a LOT of laughs from the small group at my friend's house.