Friday, December 12, 2008

the beautiful Japan

Right now I'm listening to J-pop in my office as I answer emails and order books. And I'm opening the massive boxes of cds that will stay in this room, because I listen to a Lot of music during the day as I do everything (but talk on the phone).

And I'm reminded that Japan is a beautiful country. I know it's a Long way from America, but really, if you have the time and $, you should come here. It's not a tourist place like Hawaii. It's a place to explore lovely surroundings and the nicest people you'll Ever find. I thought people were cheerful at Disneyworld. But that's Nothing compared to the average worker here. Someone asked me on the blog, when I talked about workers treating us like kings, if that was because I get special attention because I'm American. No, this is just me observing it, everywhere. Besides, I can't speak the language, so my wife talks to all the people. Energetic and friendly people.

And of course you'll marvel at the choice of food and electronics here. I really have to take more pictures. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff here. Oh and if you're a game player, there are SO many more Ninendo DS games Here than in America. Of course I don't have time to play games, but still...

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Ron Sayles said...

I also found that to be true, Japan is a beautiful country. It was even beautiful in the middle 1950s when I was there and met my wife. I say "even" because that was not too much after the war and there was still war damage to be found. And the people? Wonderful. When I arrived in Japan in 1955 I had a chip on my shoulder towards the Japanese people, they knocked that off in a hurry. Then, I met my wife, changed my life completely. We went back in 2002 so that we could visit the family, the country changed, but not the people.