Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my 200th post!!

I started this blog after I married the wonderful princess Mayu, and things are still bright and happy. To all those who wonder how I'm adapting to Japan I say - great! Frankly, I'm not the most social person in the world anyway. Most of my time in America was spent working and going out to a movie a couple times a week. And watching DVDs at home. Except for the # of movies I go out to now (because 3 or 5 films don't start every week like they do in the States), nothing has changed for me. A couple weeks ago we finally got a 42' TV and I've already got a Lot of DVDs which I started cheaply hoarding from Walmart, and which I can still get cheaply sent from amazon. Plus there's a very good DVD rental place not far from here where everything, even the new titles, is 160 yen (1 yen = approx. 1 cent) per week each. I rented the first Cube the other day, which we both liked (I like the series so much, I got one of my authors to start a book on the horror series!). I didn't know about Cube Next, so I'll have to get that soon. So I'm not wanting for films here.

I'm just enjoying the beautiful country, the freedom of having more Time to work on the biz, and the happiness that goes with having my lovely wife back in the country of her choice. :)

Oh, what's that box of bright yellow balls? That's a box of Delicious tangerines! Generously given to us from Mayu's father. They're always getting wonderful fruit. I'm afraid fruits here are quite Tastier than in the States, generally. For instance, you would not believe their sweet potatoes. You'd swear they were laced with sugar. No. They are so naturally sweet, it's amazing!

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Ron Sayles said...

Japan is a beautiful country. You can never see it all, but see as much of it as you can.