Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Rolling Stones

Here I be. In Japan. With a lovely wife (not pictured!). Yesterday we went to Kyoto (train) Station where we had a Very good Chinese dinner. After I watched Shine a Light, an Excellent concert film of the Rolling Stones. I was never a fan of them much. I didn't think they could sing or play terribly well. But after seeing that movie, oh yes, I'm a fan. They are So energetic, and they haven't stopped. They don't stop. They are champions that I really admire. Like Rocky, Rambo, Indy Jones, they don't let age get in the way of what makes them great. In this youth-obsessed age we've inherited, it's SO good to see this. The teens and 20s of today will only realize this when they feel their youth slipping away. Which is a shame. I wish they could understand the importance of using older people now. Alas, for most, those thoughts only come with age. That's why obits - to be remembered - only happens after the best people pass on.

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