Tuesday, January 13, 2009

further pictures from the wish day

This walkway of 100s of entrance columns is famous. It's been used in many tv shows and is one of the famous areas of Kyoto. Which is probably why it was so crowded. In fact, according to the news, there were a million people at this shrine during the 3-day holiday weekend!

And as you walk towards the shrine, there are an infinite # of stands selling everything from full little cooked birds on sticks (I didn't get a picture of that; I'm not sure you want to see it!) to clothes and fortune tellers and lucky charms and grilled corn on sticks and antiques. Just anything.

It was cold, but with the global economy being what it is, there were more people here making wishes than last year. I made a few wishes myself - "Let BearManor Media have its best year yet!"

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