Sunday, January 25, 2009

min. of Solace

This is a McDonald's in a busy area of Kyoto City's train station. The seats are always filled. And do you know, they now have a double and triple burger at all the McD's here? Yes, the American influence is running far past television. My wife tells me that across from the pyramids in Egypt there's a Pizza Hut. Makin' it great?

By the way, we saw the new Bond movie yesterday (Sunday), because it only just started on Sat. here. What a disappointment. 2nd worse Bond film I've seen, after Dr. No. Also the shortest ever made. I don't think there's ever been a Bond movie less than 2 hours long. Perhaps if they'd made the edits on the action scenes longer, it would build to 2 hours. As it is, the action was too fast to enjoy the beauty of the pictures. Yet we get a nice long shot of Felix drinking a beer for some reason right around an action scene. I don't get it.

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