Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the movie store

All movie theatres I've been to in Kyoto have had stores between the concession stand and where you sit to eat. Here's the store of perhaps my favorite theatre (where we saw The Great Dictator 2 years ago; first black and white movie I'd seen on the big screen). The other day I saw Hellboy 2 here, and bought myself a Japanese program of Saw 2 (one of my favorite films) for a mere $5. They had programs for all 5 Saw films. Want me to look for something? Let me know.

Their half and half (salt and caramel) popcorn is good here. You can also get churros and french fries and a few other things. I've never eaten hot food like a hot dog in my life in a movie. I'm happy with popcorn and drink!

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