Tuesday, February 10, 2009

have a drink!

The drink selection in Japan is just as large as the USA, but completely different. For instance, my favorite drink used to be diet A&W root beer, but you can only rarely find the non-diet stuff in import stores, not in the average store. Ditto for my favorite sweet drink, Mr. Pibb (actually, Dr. Pepper here in import stores).

But believe me, they more than make up for it with their variety. I'm a guy who likes tea. I could drink it all the time, with Splenda or sugar. One of my favorites here is Kirin's Afternoon Tea. Slightly sweet, and even better with half a spoon of Splenda per glass. Of course my favorite here is melon soda, which I usually have when we go to the movies or a family restaurant. Yes, it's for kids, but maybe Mr. Pibb really is too?

Oh, but I just remembered, perhaps my #1 favorite is something I've only had at one restaurant. Banana soda!! Oh, this is heaven. I could drink it daily. (Reminds me of my favorite sweet treat, called Crunky, which is banana ice cream covered with Crunch-like chocolate. On a stick, of course.)

I've never been a liquor or beer drinker. Beer to me tastes like the broth of an ashtray (I think). But I thought you might want to see some of the beer cans here. You know, you even drink beer in Tokyo Disneyland?

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Ron Sayles said...

The broth of an ash tray? You just slandered Japan's national drink. Sake purports to be Japan's national drink, but it is really beer. When visiting my in-laws in 2002, Asahi Dry was served at every meal. Oh, also sake.