Tuesday, March 17, 2009

at the Frances Langford museum

The new book I'm working on - now that I've finally finished Judy Canova - is Frances Langford. We visited the collection in Jensen Beach last year. Just feeling nostalgic today...


Chad Henson said...

Hello Ben!
A lovely photo of Frances gowns! I think I recognize the middle one. I've been collecting photos of dear Frances on ebay.
You and I have corresponded before. I bought your wonderful book on the 'Bickersons' on ebay. Such an enjoyable fact filled read.
My time-travel novel about Frances, 'Will I Ever Know' was published in June of 08 and I have just finished the sequel, 'Lost in the Spell' which will hopefully be out around January 2010. Soon I'll be starting the third and final book in the series, 'No matter how Impossible'. It has been such a wonderful experience creating these stories. I can't wait for your biography of Frances to be out. I know it will be thoroughly done.
Hopefully early next year my wife and I will be getting down to Lakeland and Jensen Beach to soak up some Langford history.
Best Wishes! Oh by the way, I'm Charles Henry. Chad Henson is the character in the books.

Charles (Chuck) Henry

Ben Ohmart said...

Good to hear from you! Lakeland is a lovely area. I want to go back. And where else can see so many pelicans flying around??