Thursday, March 5, 2009

still on the road!

I know, I do spread out our adventures, don't I? Well, we're not traveling a lot these days and sometimes I don't know what to write on this blog, so I gotta stretch out our trips!

Here's another picture of goodies you can buy at the convenience mall we stopped at. This stand was right next to the softcream stand. Here you see hot dogs on sticks. "American dogs" which look like corndogs, but they're not covered with cornbread, they're deep fried in dough or biscuit. There's fried chicken, which you can get at every convenience store. But I have to warn you - their chicken is fatty. It's always dark meat and very hard to find white meat chicken anywhere. I'm not sure what they save it for, unless it's McD's chicken sandwiches!

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