Tuesday, April 14, 2009

back to the Sea!

On Sun and Mon we went back to where it all started for us: DisneySea/Land. Sun was Sea because we figured since it's a weekend there would be more people, and they would choose Land, and we were right! Not a bad crowd at all. And the weather, she was perfect!

This trip we did things we never did before, including this lunch show in an area we hadn't even gone to before! The reason we found it this time is because there's a certain bear in Sea called Duffy which is incredibly popular. I mean, there were so many people walking around with a Duffy - like 1 out of 4 - I wondered if they were giving them away. And there was only 1 store where you can get it - in this new section we found. Amazing. You'll see Duffy tomorrow here. Meantime, enjoy lunch and a show!

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