Thursday, May 14, 2009

the missing Fred

A whole bunch of pictures were hidden in a camera for a while - and we only just found them! They contain a whole trip to Disneyworld during the Christmas season. On the way there we stopped at a flea market like place, and I found this great Fred Flintstone cookie jar I was gonna use in the Alan Reed book, but it's too late now!

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Henry B. Rosenbush said...

Good seeing Fred Flintstone is no longer missing!

I recently wrote about album designs, for my site Rosenbush Cafe, and one of my favorite children's LPs was from the animated series, although I long ago lost the cover. The music still holds up well with the title track and the classic about putting a "nickle in the dom tot!" Naturally, no dom came out!

Very nice site and being a child of the fifties I have fond memories of plenty of the movies, television and pop culture of that era, especially "The Twilight Zone."

Hopefully you won't mind that I added BearManor under my Appetizers (links) as an Entertainment site because it is very good, insightful and Entertaining!

Henry B. Rosenbush proprietor of Rosenbush Cafe